Deborah Liu

Deborah was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After attaining a Bachelor of Architecture in 2013 from University of Southern California, she decided to move to Hong Kong to discover her Chinese background and to experience a new city. Hong Kong became a starting point for her to realize what she can do with architecture and for the community.

As an only child and an avid traveller, Deborah focuses on creating spaces that allow interaction not only among people and families but also between the surrounding environment and the observer. She believes that everyone is not only the audience but also the performer while architecture is the stage. She is most interested in working on projects of cultural, retail, healthcare, and aviation fields so that the public can put down their technology and go one day offline by exploring the outside world...or ever better, how the everyday technology devices can be used in the spaces around them.

Although she is currently in the process of passing the Hong Kong Institute of Architects' registered architect exams, Deborah eventually hopes to obtain a Masters in Architecture, Real Estate Development, or Business Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos of people and places, supporting theater arts, baking, and exploring coffee shops. As most of her friends say, she’s the girl always with a smile on her face.


Please email any inquiries about resume and work samples. Thanks!